Monday, January 28, 2013

Operating night @ VMRR pt.2

As a tribute to my friends at IRM, I found it appropriate to let the Indiana car run the line with its pole spun around the same way Indiana Railroad 65 run on its westbound trip. Its enought to bause a double take.

The photo below was borrowed from and is a photo of the building the club resides in. On the left is the model of Clintonville substation, the interurban line runs beside it just as the CA&E did before the days of the prarie path. The red and silver car in the photo is a Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee (North Shore Line) Silverliner. Longtime friend Jeff Obarek is keeper of the Silverliner. Henry Cordell, the longtime master mechanic of the NSL would be proud of the condition of this car. I wish mine all ran as well as this one.

 Special thanks to Jeff Obarek and Bob Opal for helping me get my feet planted back in the hobby. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts. A pictorial report of Rail A Rama @ Charlestowne Mall and An Evening in the Inspection Pit will be up in the next day or two. Thanks for reading.

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