Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rail A Rama Charlestowne Mall 1/26 Photo revue

Scene from the movie Cars
  Saturday afternoon I found myself at Charlestowne mall to see the remnants of the group formerly known as Explorer Post 9911. Now known as Venture Crew 9911, they need to be commended on keeping Rail A Rama going. Tom Leverenz and Dave Maxfield were involved as adults during my days there and sadly everything that happens now is largely their doing. I only hope this group clings on long enough to see my kids in it. Groups in attendance were of course Post 9911, my other old friends Kane County Model Railroad Club of Elgin, Venture Crew 57 A.K.A. Baden Powell Model Railroad club from Downers Grove and the Northwest N-Trak club of Palatine. Enjoy the Highlights.
Look Mom!!! A carnival!!!
 Baden Powell had some interesting stuff put together by their crew. First time I've seen a plane in flight on a module. My daughter was the one who noticed the "Cows" tipped on end after being startled by the tow truck.

 Next we had Venture Crew 9911 of Elgin. If you have any aspiring model railroaders between the ages of 14-19, 9911 needs you. This was the very first group I ever joined. I was one of the original crew and its first President. I inplore you to get your kids involved in this group.
Tom Leverenz
 I am going to visit these guys some Thursday. According to the group's present adult advisor Tom Leverenz, much of the stuff I worked on survives in their building off McLean Blvd. At the time I was involved in 9911, we had no shortage of model builders and hands available to set things up. It breaks my heart to see the present state of affairs. In a world of Xbox, online games Ipods and countless other distractions, groups like 9911 suffer. Do you want your kids learning how to push buttons to blow things up or learning how to create things others can appreciate? There is no substitute for hands on learning of new crafts, that without future generations involved will fall by the wayside as lost arts.


 Next, we have Kane County Model Railroad Club. A very talented group that hails from Elgin, these guys are a true class act. There has been a big change in membership since the days I knew these guys, and from the looks of things they are doing great.

A scratchbuilt diesel facility, a barn with a lift off roof and detailed interior and the trackside shanties are just a sampling of the neat stuff this group has. Interested parties should have a look at their site in the link above, hats off to a talented club that has something new every time you see them.
 The Northwest N-Trak club of Palatine , really blew me away in terms of what you can do with minimal space. Credit where credit is due, these guys models were every bit as detailed as the HO groups. The boxcar bridge was a nice touch.

While this event has shrunk in the number of participating groups, it still attracts quality and innovation for one weekend a year. Without fresh blood in Venture Crew 9911, its a death race between 9911 and Charlestowne Mall. I only hope they both hang in long enough to get my kids involved. Thanks for reading, and happy modeling!!!!!

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