Saturday, February 16, 2013

Electroliner shake down runs are a great success, now serving Electroburgers!!!!!!!

 The verdict is in, and the Electroliner is a keeper. After final tweaking of one truck that was slightly out of tram, the Liner got to stretch its legs. Bring your ticket, have a seat in the Tavern Lounge and enjoy the ride.

The Liner departs the platform on the outskirts of Olsonville. At Clintonville, we find a railfan's special that has taken the pocket track for a photo op.

 After the stop at Clintonville, the Electroliner speeds on in excess of 80 mph until it comes into the outskirts of Sparta. We catch up with it as it crosses the bridge.

 It climbs a grade of between 3 1/2 amd 4% as it rounds the curve into beautiful downtown Sparta.

 The liner squeals through the loop and accelerates wildly through the streets of Sparta, hell bent on not being outdone by the speed of the passing C&NW scoot.

 As the special train heads out of Sparta, we see it pass under the mainline where the Illinois Central City of New Orleans is holding for a signal. That dispatcher got fired later that evening.

After a stop on the outskirts of Sparta for passengers to stretch their legs and to replenish the Leinenkugel's and Beef Tenderloin in the tavern lounge, the train departs for a high speed burn through the praries of northern Illinois and back to Clintonville, where the foamers are still on the hill with camers, waiting to catch this photo of the Liner on its inbound trip.

 The special train departs the Clintonville stop and streaks toward Olsonville, the origin and destination of our inaugural run.

 An aerial photographer is on hand at Olsonville and catches the Electroliner before passengers disembark in beautiful downtown Olsonville. The nearby Palace theater is hosting a special viewing of the newsreel featuring the race between airplane and interurban on the Cincinnati & Lake Erie. Don't blink or it will pass you by!

 The Liner squeals through the tight curve by the carbarn, and is parked awaiting instructions on where to tie up. Here we see it with a NSL Silverliner.

 Now that all is well with the Electroliner, and the boys at Highwood don't answer the phone, we need to find a painter. Send your suggestions to This trip was sponsored by the North Shore Line, proud maker of the Electroburger. Special thanks go to Bob Opal, Jeff Obarek and the entire crew at .

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