Saturday, February 23, 2013

Accidents happen......The good, the bad and the WTF???

 Generally, operators and dispatchers of interurban lines exercise careful operating practices that promote the safety and well being of the public, train crews and equipment. Today we had a couple errrr.....hiccups. Perhaps I should have stuck to FVT&L 28, the training car. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead, being out from under the watchful eye of the Trainmaster and Head Lineman (get well soon Bob, you are missed), I had four trains running on the interurban line and juggled a city car in the mix. I hope I get my operating rotation under control without angering the shop forces and the office too much.

 The good: Keeping four trains and a streetcar in play, executing several flying meets on the outskirts of Olsonville.

 On the outskirts of Olsonville, we have a flying meet of Electroliner 801-02 and a NSL Silverliner. Note the speed of the passing Electroliner, too fast for the shutter of the cameraman.

 The local car met the Liner first on the outskirts of town, then again in town as the Liner was loading passengers on Main St. Tight schedules are kept to ensure the comfortable and seamless transfer of riders between trains.

 The local car squeals around the girder rail curve to stop for passengers getting off the Electroliner.
 Leaving Olsonville, the Electroliner Has another perfectly timed meet with the local freight, pulled by FVT&L 34. There are a few freoght customers around Olsonville, the #1 customer being the Pillsbury plant a mere hop, skip and a jump from Olsonville Shops. The most effective way to reach the plant is a run through town rather than go against the flow of traffic on the city line.

 The freight gets stopped waiting for emergency crews to clear an accident. The city car stops at The Palace Theater. The CA&FV Bridge Car is in the foreground.

 By the time FVT&L 34 and its train are underway again, the city car has caught it and follows behind at a distance of no closer than 5 line poles and waits for it to clear the car loop switch. Safety first!!!!
   We rejoin the North Shore trains at Walt Siding, where the Silverliner grinds by as fast as it can, not wanting to delay the Electroliner's return trip to Olsonville.

 And now for the bad........The motorman of the Electroliner, upon returning again to Olsonville misses the switch lined for the local car. Notched up to about the fourth point to make the curve, the motorman goes down the diverging path,  going boldly where no Electroliner has ever gone before....

 We will not make this mistake again........

 And if you thought this was rough, now for the WTF????? of the evening....... It seems the motorman of the big Jewett car had a bit much to drink and went bombing through Walt Siding at about 70 mph, nevermind the speed restrictions on the siding....with this being the end result..

 After this was cleaned up, all trains were parked pending a safety review of the days events, a thourough A** reaming from the office, and a pending urinalysis of the dispatcher.

 And with the safe return of the re-railing crew aboard the bridge car, we bring this fun to an end. Sincere apologies to the passengers of the Liner and the big Jewett, It'll never, ever happen again....( wink wink)

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