Saturday, March 9, 2013

AE&C 109 a.k.a. the Funeral Car, 4000s and dipped in paint all at once!!!!

  Im back!!!!!!!! The rigors of daily life have left me little time, but the Third Rail Cookbook's time has come..... for starters, we saw the arrival of Aurora Elgin & Chicago Funeral Car 109. Putting the FUN in Funeral will now be a service proudly offered by the Third Rail Cookbook.

 Above is the 109, brass by S.Soho. The drive needs lots of help, if it can't be remedied, I have a Bowser 1999 drive with 34" wheels on standby. For some reason I've been stockpiling these. Below is a photo of the actual 109 I found via Google. Suffice it to say some detailing is in order. Special thanks to Phil Fukuda who preserved this car in sunny California and sent it back to its home in northern Illinois.

 After 6 1/2 long weeks, my Island Model Works cars are here. CTA 4000s are in the shop as we speak for details and primer.                                                                                        

 Check out for Joe's offerings. A wide variety of commuter and rapid transit models from several major cities are for sale on this site. I also ordered a South Shore Nippon coach, I'll post pictures of that later.
  Also picked up a nice painting rig, the booth from Amazon for $80 and the Paasche airbrush and ancillaries from Chicago airbrush supply. My posts will start to contain more model building content, the more tools I have the more I can do.

 The booth and the brush are awesome, tested some reefer orange on an old diesel shell, this should be fun.

 I'll make it a point to make updates more timely kiddies, don't touch that dial!!!!!

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