Wednesday, March 13, 2013

All things elevated and the odd man out

 Greetings again from the muddy banks of the Fox River. The fun with 4000s continues.
More sanding, filing, cursing and questioning what I still have left for modeling skills. These cars still need some attention paid to the ends around the train doors and windows. I ordered some windshield wipers that look right from details west. I won't know for sure if theyre any good until they're here. The wheels keep turning in my head about various details of these cars. A visit to Fox River Trolley Museum may be in order as it is close to home, and CTA 4451 lives outside.

I started drilling for jewels, class lights and headlights. Decided to bend and test fit some wire details too. All went well until I managed to snap a bit off in the end of the second car while drilling the class lights. I am drilling all holes slightly undersize, and going to apply colored jewels after paint. The holes can then be drillde correctly, thus removing any primer/paint that will keep the CA from doing its job. Any pointers from the peanut gallery?

 One of the headlight "halos" is in place, and here are the making of some grab irons out of .020 brass.

 The car on the right was the victim of the broken bit. Note the mangled hole on the upper right class light. If I can't make it to my satisfaction, ill come up with something, maybe an earlier than CTA 4000. I don't think these were built with these lights, time to consult the photo collection belonging to my good friend Jeff Obarek.


 The Third Rail Cookbood and Trolley Wire Times proudly offers to you Merchandise Despatch (correctly spelled) service via CNS&M 212. We will gladly haul whatever, wherever overhead wire and rails go for a nominal fee. The level of detail on the car along with flywheel drive and all wheels powered makes this guy a keeper.

 The package with it has headlights, marker lamps and assorted other goodies. Now to decide whether these all go on here, or perhaps one of the headlights will be appropriated for another car. Time will tell......

 Still clearing hurdles with AE&C 109, quite literally. Im in talks with Mr. Rich Eaton for a set of poles with bases that will miss the lightning arrester( I think) on the car. You should check out his products, this guy is a class act, and his products are top notch. Click here to see Rich's HO offerings. Need something? Ask. You won't be sorry. His products are on Ebay in limited quantities, this is how I found him. Backpoling is a snap with his wheel type sliders, check his stuff out, he has earned an endorsement from the Third Rail Cookbook.

And now for the odd man out........

 Let me get the 4000s done, and this big beast is next. Ine end of the car will look right, unfortunately the other will have a pole East Troy Electric style. Dream a little dream.........

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