Saturday, March 9, 2013

Resin, cough cough aka fun with 4000s

As highlighted in a previous post, my 4000s are here. I picked one to start on. Resin is a hairy pain in the arse. This is my first foray into resin.

 A face only its mother or a traction modeler could love, there's alot of cleanup to do on this casting.
 Filing, sanding, cutting, more filing and sanding. There is a narrow rectangular window in the motorman's compartment that the casting process accidentally plugged solid. An x-acto knife and some sanding and the problem was remedied.

 The electric class lights and headlight will get properly colored jewels. The prototupe has a "halo" over the headlight.

 Forgive the backasswards picture, our photographer will be beaten with 4/0 trolley wire.

 The " headlight halo" will see some tweaking. I hope when I finish this, you will guess it for a 4000. My first model since 1997, this could get messy!!!!!

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